Modern people are increasingly concerned with the brand ranking of their watches, after all, the higher the ranking the more they can wear the watch to show off their status. However, the times are in a state of rapid development and a single brand ranking is actually very controversial, whether a brand’s watch style is classic is determined by the degree of market recognition.

Some brands were once highly ranked, but now have no impressive models and are even fading out of sight. Some brands that are not highly ranked are exceptionally good in terms of sales each year. It’s like Geely acquiring Volvo, and it’s a regular occurrence for big brands to be acquired by smaller ones. Great classic models can drive a watch brand to continue to grow and live better. What are the classic models recognised by watch enthusiasts?

The cheapest entry-level Swiss mechanical watches

There is no necessary link between the level of class and the ability to be a classic model, and the Tissot Le Locle definitely qualifies as a classic. Although Tissot’s positioning is very low, with the price of the Le Locle collection costing just over $4,000, it is the number one selling model in the Swiss watch brand and no one else. Tissot’s excellent sales alone prove that it is stronger than many brands with big names but dismal business.

The most popular formal watch for the middle class

As people’s incomes rise there is a demand for a formal watch with a bit of class. The Omega Discworld is well suited to this level of demand, as a classy formal watch is usually a belt model, but the price difference is huge. The OMEGA Flying Disc is positioned to be the most popular entry-level luxury formal watch.

The king of value for money within $20,000

There was a time when Longines was considered a more upmarket watch brand, but as its positioning has been reduced, Longines has gradually become more affordable. Although it is a notch below Omega, the Longines Masterpiece is known as the king of value for money within 20,000 yuan, with good sales and classic models.

The most classic chronographs

The main focus of the Universal watch is the formal watch, and the Portuguese chronograph series belongs to the more classic complex chronograph models, with a classic design and stable movement performance,replica iwc watches to be better than many other brands of complex chronograph models. It is a good choice in terms of classiness and value for money.

A model loved by watch lovers for its value alone

If you ask which watch has captured the hearts of thousands of fashionable men and women on the basis of its face alone, then the Cartier Blue Balloon is a godsend. Its classic design once made the Blue Balloon a hot-selling model. The brand itself makes a statement of class and is an authority on luxury accessories. Whether you consider it a watch with a free movement or a watch with a free movement, there is no doubting its classic nature.

Rolex Logbook

The Logbook is one of the most varied collections in Rolex, and many of Rolex’s hot models are essentially subject to mark-ups and ride-alongs. The Logbook, however, has long been a no-frills and no-frills model. As people have become more sensible, the Logbook has become exceptionally popular over the years. This collection has been around for a very long time and is a classic in its own right.

The originator of the dive watch

If you want to get your hands on a Rolex Submariner, but hate price increases and tying. The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms beats the Rolex Submariner in every dimension, and the best part is that it’s cheaper than the premium Rolex. The key thing is that it has always been in the position of the granddaddy of diving watches, and its classicism speaks for itself.

The top brands also have many classic models, but the current prices are no longer affordable for the average person. The truly classic models are available to the average person with a little effort. Classic has nothing to do with class, it is the high level of recognition that replica watches lovers have for a model. Circulation and audience is also very high. So do you think it’s more important to be classy or classically recognisable?

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